Good ideas beget RELIABLE DESIGNS.

But design is nothing without DETAILING. It’s the little things that matter. And with those, we bring the experience and dedication to deliver your dream. The keen eye for design, attention to detailing and the determination not only stop us on paper but to BUILD IT; Create unique, timeless RELIABLE architecture. Here at DB ARCHITEKT, it’s our guiding manifesto.


DB ARCHITEKT conceptualized with a deep idea for the built environment to enhance user space integrate with natural space and context, it aims to enrich the human experience and spirit through its planning, architectural works & construc.


Clarity is key. Every space we create must first begin by addressing the client’s requirements, taking into consideration the site and its context. We strive for simplicity, which is challenging but always rewarding. Every design reflects an architectural honesty that focuses on the spatial experience. Every area is carefully contemplated; all structures precisely regarded and reviewed. And when all things considered, we seek to always construct modern, tropical architecture that stands the test of time.

Design Beyond , we CONSTRUC the design at site. we covert design layer to construction stages with speed, quality, flexibility, time (S.Q.F.T.) with required detail for better usage & operational..


In all our architecture - interior - design - construc. beyond all modern science, we consider Geo Energy, Vastu Shastra, Astro Vastu as per each indiviual - organization level not based on any set rules.